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Had some time off from work :)
This work is a reflection of a shock in mental vision, faith future and many other things that will come to me, in time.
Something I wanted for this was to have slightly different looks and make them fit, in the back the skeleton is grity and bold, the older me is abstract and undefined and the younger me (being the past) is a stronger defined style of the older.

Oh I feel I need to say, I didnt win anything :) I have been shortlisted twice (and then my new job took all my time) but getting two shocked my brain and I wasnt ready for that, it changed me and for that I will forever be grateful to the process of that, because its not just the company name CreativePool, its not just the people and its not just the actions.

*I can not see the future in front of me, but I am free if the past behind me.


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