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Photographer Jenny Lewis has devoted the last five years to photographing Hackney mothers and their newborn babies within 24 hours of their birth. Her aim was to pass on a powerful message that childbirth is a positive experience and nothing to be feared. The project has now been brought together in a new book, One Day Young, which is the latest addition to Hoxton Mini Press’s East London Photo Stories Series.

For Photography One Day Young illustrates how I used the the medium to get a message across ... strength and resilience of women in the transition into motherhood. The series was intended to be used to support women and get a dialogue going about the invisibility of motherhood in the media and the art world. The series shows an authentic positive view of birth and womanhood, by taking five years to gather the subjects and shooting over 150 subjects the diversity and receptive mantra of the series is something that can’t be ignored. Over 80 000 hits to my website and articles going out across the world israel/ China/ Russia/ across Europe show that the images clearly spoke to people and as they related to the imagery they shared it

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Jenny Lewis/One Day Young: Hackney. Personal Photography Project/Published Book.



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