Magdalena Horanin Branding Designer


Brand Strategy ???? Website Design ???? Development

Online School, Poland/UK

Our main objective was to create a brand strategy that would help our client achieve her future goals. At the meetings and workshops, we discussed challenges and selected solutions to help OKEnglish become the first English language school in Poland that focuses entirely on individual language training with native speakers.

???? Brand strategy workshops:
▪️ Establishing mission, vision, purpose,
▪️ Short and long-term goals
▪️ Determine the ideal client, their needs, fears and aspirations,
▪️ Developing new content and communication strategy which included naming, word ecosystem, new social media content ideas,
▪️ Brand archetypes

???? New brand identity elements that reflect the new strategy

The main objective of the website was to reflect the new character and mission of OKEnglish school based on all the information gathered during the creation of the brand strategy.
With the intent to preserve the personal and friendly character of the company, the challenge was to transition from a personal to a corporate brand.
As a result, we developed a new communication strategy and an approachable yet professional brand.
Website process:
???? Discovery sessions
???? Research
???? Moodboards
???? Prototyping (Figma)
???? Designs (Figma)
???? Developments (WordPress)

As a result of building a new brand strategy, OKE's owner managed to move from 1-on-1 classes to managing a team of native speakers and providing online classes to 40 students. Mission Possible Bootcamp - the flag product - one-month intensive language training - gained popularity as it was fully booked within one weekend.
OKEnglish continues to grow in the number of teachers and students as part of its mission to help Polish people pursue their dreams of traveling and changing careers.


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OKEnglish: Strategy and Website