Challenge: Honda was sponsoring Documentaries on 4. W+K had created idents themed around curiosity. How could we harness this activity into something useful for the brand online?

Output: A ‘curious world’ for viewers to explore, combining exclusive documentary extras with Honda content. We focused on two of the most popular series: Thelma’s Gypsy Girls and 999: What’s Your Emergency?

Full deliverables:
- Interactive quiz teaser site
- Full campaign website offering 2 routes: C4 docs or Honda
- Video & interactive video content
- Traffic drivers – C4, Honda, Facebook
- Emails

- Over 100k visitors.
- Dwell time of 3:30 min.
- 3% CTR to product pages on Honda UK website (beating target).
- And…the Honda route was actually more popular than the C4 route! Take that, massive pouffy frocks.

Curious World - fully integrated digital brand campaign