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Much like the Super Bowl (but MUCH cheaper), April Fool’s Day is a prime opportunity when consumers are more willing than usual to hear from brands. Coming off previous successes like left-handed tampons and menstrual coffee cups, U by Kotex wanted to raise the bar even further in 2017 with creative that would break through, even on a day that’s cluttered with pranks.

We created paid and owned social posts and an email campaign that touted free samples of new (and totally fake) U by Kotex® Bandages. We made the most of our striking visuals by leveraging Twitter gallery posts, Instagram carousels and even a GIF for Giphy. Once consumers clicked through to a landing page, they were let in on the joke, encouraged to sign up for a free sample of a real U by Kotex product and then asked to spread the word and carry on the foolishness. It proved an excellent way to break through with new audiences, share our unique POV on periods, get her to engage with us, and start a multitude of dialogues about normalizing periods. We stood out as the only brand in the femcare category that didn’t take itself too seriously, especially around a topic so primed for joke-making.


154MM earned media and social impressions with 25.5k engagements in top consumer and industry publications, including Time, USA Today and AdWeek best of lists, exceeding anticipated KPI by 144%

23k product samples requested, one of the highest request days in the brand’s history

Paid Social: Nearly 94k+ click-throughs, 26k+reactions, comments and shares.

Owned Social – Most engaged Facebook post in the brand’s lifetime, with 16,376 total engagements reaching 135k+ people

Owned Social - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all exceeded benchmarks for URL clicks

Owned Social – Exceeded Facebook share and Twitter re-tweet benchmarks by 5,100% and 120% respectively

Conversion from splash page to sample page exceeded benchmarks by 61%

Site exceeded social sharing benchmarks by 1,850% on landing page and 3,020% on sample confirmation page

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Date published: 31 January 2018 2018-01-31T16:29:59+0000


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