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How do I confirm my account?
How do I add a profile image?
How do I upload a header image?
How do I change my web address?
How do I add or remove my CV?
How do I add my skills, awards, and clients?
How do I achieve a 100% complete profile?
How do I add multiple company logins?

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How do I create a new project?
How do I upload images/videos?
How do I change the title to an image/video?
How do I change my preview image?
How do I rearrange content in my project?
How do I rearrange my projects on my profile?
How do I edit my project?
How do I get featured?

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What are Pools?
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What is Madeit?
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What is the Creativepool Magazine?
What is a Contributor?
How do I get an invite?
How do I post an article?
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How do I get published?
What is the Tagged Companies section?

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What are the Annual and Awards?
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What is the Top 25?
How so I get in the Top 25?

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Wider exposure on Creativepool
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How do I post a job?
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How do I apply for a job?
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How do I change my password?
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How do I create a profile?

Signing up to the Creativepool network couldn't be easier - we just need a few pieces of basic information to get your profile up and running!

To join Creativepool:

  • 1.Choose to either ‘Sign up as an Individual’ or ‘Sign up as a Company’.

  • 2. Enter your information or, for a quick signup, use one of your social accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google).
  • 3. Once you have entered your email address and password, you will receive an email to confirm your account. Please click on the link in the email to be guided through the rest of the registration process. If you do not receive an email, please get in touch with the Support Team:

How do I confirm my account?

You should receive a confirmation email after registering. Please click on the link in the email to be guided through the registration process.
In some cases your confirmation might appear in your Junk Folder. If so, please put us on your safe senders list.
If you've checked your inbox and Junk Folder and still can't see an email from Creativepool, please get in touch with the Support Team:

How do I add a profile image?

Adding a profile image helps you appear higher in search results and makes your profile 10x more likely to be viewed than a profile without one.
You can either add your profile image directly from the Edit Profile page or directly from your profile.

    To upload a profile image:
  • Click on Upload a Photo and select from your desktop or mobile folders.
  • Take a photo directly from your webcam and upload.
  • Import one from your existing social profiles (Facebook, Twitter or Google).
  • Please note: Profile images work best as a square and can be any size but we recommend above 400x400. JPG, GIF, or PNG are accepted.

How do I upload a header image?

A header image helps you to add personality and branding to your profile.
JPG, GIF, or PNG are accepted, and the max size 8MB (ideal dimensions 1500x500 px).
You can upload a header image from your desktop on the Edit Profile page:

  • 1. Click on Upload header image.
  • 2. Scroll down and click Upload you header.
  • 3. Select and import the image from your desktop.
  • That's it!

How do I change my web address?

You do not need to keep the random URL generated when you created your profile. You can customise it, so you are easily found and remembered.
Please note: you can only change your URL once, so ensure that you are happy with it before saving!

  • To customise your URL:
  • 1. Go to the Edit Profile page.
  • 2. Scroll down to Your profile web address.
  • 3. Choose your URL.
  • 4. Click save.
  • You should be able to see your new custom profile URL, which you can use to share your profile with the world!

How do I add or remove my CV?

You can upload (or remove) your CV in your profile under the Edit Profile page, on the Your Experience tab.
You can also keep track on your CV downloads analytics.

How do I add my skills, awards and clients?

Add your skills, award wins and your clients under the Edit Profile page, on the Your Experience tab.

  • On this page you can add:
  • 1. Your primary industry and sector experience.
  • 2. Your trade associations.
  • 3. Your skills.
  • 4. Your award wins.
  • 5. Your past and current clients.

How do I achieve a 100% complete profile?

There are a few simple steps to help you create 100% visibility for your profile on Creativepool:

  • Go to your profile
  • Fill in the basics (upload a profile image, add your address, post code, country, email)
  • Add introductory text that gives a quick snapshot of your personality
  • List your experience (List your Trade Associations, Awards and Clients, skill and experiences)
  • Upload projects
  • Add a header image

How do I add multiple company logins

Company profiles can have multiple logins to the account so it can be accessed, updated and used by an entire team.

  • Here's how:
  • Log in to the company account and go to the Privacy page and invite new admins to manage the account.
  • If you try to create a new company account for a company that already has a Creativepool profile, you will be prompted to request access to the account.

How do I create a new project?

Start adding projects to your profile by going to Projects.
Here you can upload or import new projects, organise your current projects or tell the community who was involved by using the MadeIt feature.

  • Here's how:
  • Click Upload your first project or Create a new project to upload new projects.
  • Fill in the details of the project including its title, the end client, who you were working for and a description of the project.
  • Don't forget to tag your projects so the community can find them!
  • Connect your collaborators with the project by adding their name, or name and email, and searching the community for them. They will be added to the project and asked if they would like to feature the work on their own profile.
  • If you don't see them, you can click invite and we'll send an invitation to join the Creativepool community.

How do I upload images/videos?

To add an image or video, it needs to be part of a project. Scroll up to find out how to set create a new project.

  • Once your project is ready, you can upload or import your images/videos!
  • 1. Click browse and select, or drag and drop, one or more images or videos from your files.
  • 2. Once selected click theUpload button and your upload will begin.
  • Note: You can upload JPEG, GIF, PNG and PDF file types.
  • Files under 2MB are recommended for fast uploading.
  • Once uploaded, your image or video will automatically be given the file name it was saved with, but you can change this! See below.
  • 3. For videos , you can also embed from Youtube or Vimeo. Just click Link to , paste in the video web address and add a title.
  • Ensure you are logged into Youtube or Vimeo to embed videos.

How do I change the title to an image/video?

When you upload an image/video, it will automatically be given the filename it was saved with but this is easy to change.

  • 1. Go to Projects and go to Edit on the image/video.
  • 2. Click the name of the image, replace the text with your chosen text and click save.

How do I change my preview image?

The first image on your project will become the preview image for that project on your main profile.
To make sure your project looks perfect, we advise adding an image to the project as the first item in your project.

If you choose a video as your first item, be aware that some videos cannot be previewed before they are played. If you cannot see the image for your video, but when you hover over the link it shows the link title, please use an alternative video format or choose a screenshot as your first item.

How do I rearrange content in my project?

In the Projects page, you can easily arrange and organise your uploaded images/videos
Click Edit on any project to change details or uploads in that project.
At the bottom of the page there will be a summary of your uploads, which you can easily rearrange by dragging and dropping.

How do I rearrange projects on my profile?

It is important to have your profile looking its best, with your most recent and relevant projects being seen first. To rearrange your projects, go to the Projects page and drag and drop your projects into the order you'd like them.

How do I edit my project?

To edit a project:

  • Go to the Projects page
  • Click edit on the project you wish to amend.
  • Choose to amend the description, or to add/remove/rearrange the images/videos.

How do I get my work featured?

Our content team scour Creativepool daily for the latest, most imaginative, and inspirational projects. Only those that are a cut-above the rest are added to the homepage.
Please note: Only projects with descriptions and high resolution images (not portfolio PDFs are featured. Additionally, long images cannot be featured.


Following allows you to interact with people and companies that inspire and attract your interest.

  • You can connect to a company by clicking Follow on their profile. Once clicked, the button will change to Following You can disconnect by clicking Following
  • You can connect to an Individual by clicking Connect on their profile. Once clicked, the button will change to Following You can disconnect by clicking Following
  • When you follow someone, their updates will appear on your Homepage


Making Connections allows you to interact with the people you know and love.

  • Connections happen when your request for connection is accepted. Follow a member or company and hope they follow you back, or follow them back if they follow you already.
  • Connecting with an Individual or Company allows you to message them through Creativepool
  • When you connect with an Individual or Company, their updates will appear on your Homepage


Connecting with an Individual or Company allows you to message them through Creativepool
Your messages are located in your Creativepool Inbox which appears as a speech bubble in the top right hand corner of the navigation bar.

People I know

It's easy to find people you already know on Creativepool.
Simply go to Find People You Know page from the dropdown menu on the top right hand side and connect with them from your social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn), or your email, or by uploading a Contact List by following the instructions

Posting to social accounts

The success of your profile reach and views can be increased through the usage of social icons.

You can broadcast your Creativepool profile via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

What are Pools?

Your Creativepool Pool is the pool of projects that have inspired you while exploring Creativepool. At the Pool you can view your repository of interations (like, comments and Poolits) on one page. Return here anytime for inspiration!

Your pool can be found on the dropdown menu, under Pools.

How do I Pool?

To add a piece of work to your Pool by clicking on the Poolit button (it looks like a life jacket!) at the bottom of the project and selecting which images/videos in the project you'd like to add to your Pool or by liking the project by clicking on the heart button.
Pools are open to all users. Explore other people's Pools (and company Pools) by clicking My Inspiration Pool on any profile.

What is MadeIt?

Creativepool's MadeIt feature allows you to connect to other creatives and companies through the projects you've worked on together.
When you upload a project, you'll be taken through the process automatically.
If you've already uploaded projects and you'd like to add creatives and companies to them, just go to the Projects page and click Edit this list.

How do I view, verify or remove a MadeIt?

All MadeIt requests can be viewed, verified or removed here.

Why must I verify a MadeIt request?

We would like you to have a say in what work you are connected to, so you have the best work on your profile.

What is the Creativepool Magazine?

The Magazine is where you will find the latest news, blogs and thoughts from across the creative industry.

You can read up on interviews with various industry leaders and follow several series of articles ranging from Focal Point to City Guides to Brand Case Studies. Occasionally, excellent articles posted by companies will be published by the Creativepool editorial team.

What is a Contributor?

Our magazine works on an invite only publishing system that allows selected users to publish written content or related media to the Creativepool Magazine. Articles will appear on their profile, and the home timeline of users who follow and connect with them. The Creativepool team will then publish excellent articles to both the magazine and to appear in newsletters. All contributors have a pink C batch on their profiles.

How do I get an invite?

To become a contributor, you can request a code from our editorial team or become a Pro member.

How do I post an article?

As a contributor, you are able to post articles to your profile, which may then be published in the Creativepool Magazine by our editorial team.
To start posting articles:

  • Go to Post Articles via the Magazine tab on the navigation bar.
  • Alternatively you can click on your company name and click Publish Article
  • Either enter your contributor code or, if you are already a contributor, you will be taken to the Article Upload page.
  • Every article should include a header image which should be 832px by 300px and GIF, PNG or JPG.
  • Don't forget to tag your article with the relevant key terms to help your article be found in searches.

How do I add images/video?

To add an image/video to your article:

  • 1. Click on the picture icon next to Source on the toolbar - an upload images box will appear
  • 2. Either click to browse your files, or drag and drop your file into the box.
  • 3. That's it!

How do I get published?

All uploaded articles are reviewed by our editorial team and some will be featured in the Creativepool Magazine. You'll get an email notification if yours has been approved.

What is the Tagged Companies section?

If you mention a company in your article, why not tag them?!
Companies can be easily tagged by typing the relevant organisation's name.
The article will then appear on the tagged company's profile.

What is Pro?

Gain competitive advantage by joining the ranks of the Creativepool Pros!
A Pro account gives you a host of additional benefits including messaging your network. higher ranking in searches, the ability to look at who's seen your profile and a free Annual submission. Going Pro is only £4.99 a month!

Upgrading for Companies

For companies there a number of upgrading options available to enhance your experience on Creativepool. Whether you are looking to hire talent or increase exposure for your agency or brand within the creative sector, we have a package that can help. With a Pro subscription you can benefit from free job postings, press release distribution, unrestricted searching, profile reports, and sponsored listings.

Wider exposure on Creativepool

A wider exposure on Creativepool can be achieved by frequently updating your profile in order to increase your chances for Spotlight and taking advantage of the following and connections tools. The more active you are, the greater your exposure and the chances of being found!

Recruitment Packages

Our job adverts are anything but ordinary. We know the recruitment process inside out and have created a system that is effective and simple.
We offer three different package options: Standard (£195), Account Managed (£255) and Premium (£395).
We are so confident in our product and process that if you are not 100% satisfied with how you advert has performed, let us know and we will repost your job for free or credit your account. If you would like more information, please email the Sales team at

What are the Annual & Awards

The Creativepool Annual is a celebration of the best works from the previous year. Additionally, the Creativepool Awards are held in conjunction with the Annual. The three awards given are Agency of the Year, Influencer of the Year and Newcomer of the Year.

How do I enter?

Nominations are open annually from October. In order to be qualified for a nomination, you are required to have a profile with Creativepool and upload your best work.

What are the badges?

Badges are a way to highlight your achievements with Creativepool!

  • The badges include:
  • F: Featured
  • I: Influencer
  • P: Pro User
  • C: Contributor
  • W: Winner
  • S: Shortlisted

What is the Top 25?

We have a Top 25 Creativepool Members for every creative discipline.

People in the Top 25 are recognised for being brilliant for the work that they do.
Being in the Top 25 also means that you will have the coveted Top 25 badge on your profile so it is easier for you to be noticed by other professionals, companies, and recruiting companies.
You will also receive discounted entries for the Creativepool Annual and invites to Creativepool events.

How do I get into the Top 25?

You are highly encouraged to keep your profile updated and relevant. Your ranking is based upon the apportioned number of likes, pools, followers, connections, feedback and spotlights, as well as annual shortlists and annual winners. Additionally, points for Award wins are added when you upload a project that has won an award.

How do I post a job

Log into your company profile and go to the jobs section. To post a job you'll need some job credits - do this by clicking Hire. When your account is stocked up you can begin posting your jobs.
You can post a job online by purchasing individual job credits, signing up to one of our great packages.
When you are happy with your job, and have posted the role, it will move into our Pending Jobs section, where it will be given a 'health check' by a specialist on our team, who will review the location tagging, keywords etc. This is an additional service that is completely free.
All ads are live for a duration of 28 days.

How do I edit a live job?

Visit your Live Jobs to make edits and amends.

How do I search for a job?

Creativepool is jam-packed with exciting roles from top agencies and brands to boutiques and SMEs. There will always be a perfect fit for anyone hunting for their next opportunity!

To browse for jobs, click on the Jobs tab and Search jobs. This will direct you to a list of recent Hot Jobs. The browse buttons at the top right can be used to modify your search results. Use the Browse by buttons to change the view.

How do I apply for a job?

In order to successfully submit your job application, you are required to sign up for a Creativepool profile, after which, you have to follow complete the following steps:

  • Complete your Contact Details
  • Upload your Profile Image and your CV/Resume
  • Add a Cover Letter to the application
  • Update the Industry you work in
  • Add your Education Level to your profile
  • Add your Skills and Sector Experience to your profile
  • Finally, ensure that you have uploaded at least one Project to your profile!

How do I receive job alerts?

We can send you weekly job alerts to let you know when jobs fitting your expertise and skill level go live.
To set this up, go to your Privacy & Email Prefs on the dropdown menu.
Uncheck the box under Jobs and next to Do not receive personal Job Alerts (weekly).
That's it!

I've forgotten my password!

Don't panic!
Just go to our Forgotten Password page and enter your email address. A new password will be sent to your Creativepool registered email address.

We suggest you change this randomly generated password so something you'll remember, see how below.

How do I change my password?

Simply go to your Profile page and click change password.

I haven't receive my confirmation email

First, check if your confirmation email is in your Junk Folder...
If you've checked there, try resending by logging into your profile and resend using the pop-up on the top left.
If you're still having problems, contact us.

I want to change my email preferences

If you are receiving emails that you would rather not receive, you can remove yourself by changing your email preferences on the Privacy Page.
Simply tick or un-tick the types of emails you'd no longer like to receive.

I want to remove my profile

If you'd like to completely remove your account. visit your Privacy Page.

  • How to delete your Creativepool account:
  • 1. Access the Privacy & Email Prefs page via the dropdown menu.
  • When on the Privacy page, scroll down to Privacy Preferences and click on Leave Creativepool entirely.
We'd be grateful for any feedback as to why you have decided to delete your account and hope to see you back soon!

I'd like to request an FAQ

Let us know how we can help by contacting the support team at