About me

My name is Hayley McConaghy I'm 24 and a Professional 2D artist, graphic designer, illustrator and costume designer, with a background in Computer Game Development. Currently I work as a freelance artist / graphic designer, taking part in projects for gaming companies and individual clients. I bring my strong creative flair and keen eye for detail into every aspect of my work, from starter paper sketches to finished digital content that myself and client can be proud of.

Alongside working digitally in the studio I have enjoy being hands-on with art. My talents range from prop creation, hand painting pieces and assembly. Customer and client satisfaction is what drives me to give my best performance in daily work life. Be it a big or small task, I always carry myself in a polite, friendly and professional manner. Having happy returning clients and customers really makes a job worthwhile.

As well as pursuing these tasks on my own, I'm more than capable of working in a team to fully realise the capabilities of those around me and help create the best project we can.

When you hire me you will be getting a highly creative, bubbly yet professional, unique, forward thinking and dedicated individual with the capacity to learn and pick up skills quickly.


Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland I temporarily moved to Dublin to begin my Computer Game Development course where, so far, I have gained 3D modeling skills in 3DS Max, script writing and music production.

Creative writing is something I enjoy as I did an A Level in English Literature and Media Studies. My main skill is as a 2D artist as I have a strong knowledge Photoshop CC, Illustrator and enjoy not just creating art digitally but also creating traditional art. I've always liked creating art from when I was a child and as I've grown older my progression into digital art has heightened my skills and lead me to expand on my creativity and produce higher quality art.

I created an online clothing company called Diamond Bear Apparel in 2012 when I was 18 to fund my college course and over time with hard work and dedication it became a worthwhile venture. The designs relating to the store were all my own creation. It has taught me the importance of working independently and communicating with customers, a skill that I value highly.

My Experience:

- 2D Digital Art.

- Story & writing.

- Graphic Design.

- Prop Maker.

- Free thinker & creative individual.

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