Stigma and discrimination continue to surround HIV, a hangover from the infamous tombstone ads from the 80's. These fearmongering campaigns remain front of mind for the public, and a lack of education on how the virus has changed means that 1 in 5 people still believe it can be passed on by kissing.
HIV has changed.
It's time opinions changed too.

By creating a 4 metre high, 7 metre wide, 3D HIV made from living, breathing plants and flowers, and placing it in Manchester City Centre we demonstrated that HIV is not what people expect.
It has changed, and hopefully their opinion of it will too.

Staffed by over 40 volunteers from national HIV charities, who live with the condition, the three day stunt made a huge impact, capturing people's attention and generating a huge impact in the short time it was on display. Information leaflets printed on seeded paper helped spread the message even further and allowed the idea to continue to grow.

Across a three day period we recorded over 5 million twitter impressions, with over 2,600 original social media posts using the unique hashtag, and reaching over a milliion people through broadcast media and online press, including the BBC and MTV.


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HIV Has Changed