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We are very excited to share that we have just added the seeded paper as a new option to our product range. How cool is it? Well, it can literally grow into a mini garden when buried.

How, you may ask. Seeds are added during the production process of this hand-crafted paper; making it more than recyclable, it’s actually plantable.

Due to the seeds, its texture is a bit uneven but it’s the perfect imperfection for those looking for a feature to stand out. This paper can be printed full colour, single or double-sided, always with Hatch’s vegan printing processes.

Business cards are available on two thickness options: 280gsm and 560gsm while flyers are printed on 280gsm.

Gary Toomey, Managing Director and Founder of Hatch, shares: “We are always on the lookout for products that are harmless to the planet. Since I started Hatch, driving us to be an environmentally-friendly business has always been a priority. We have been adding unconventional options to our range, allowing customers to also do their part for the planet by ordering eco-friendly products.”

Date created: November 2018 2018-11-01T00:00:00+0000
Date published: 5 November 2018 2018-11-05T14:59:49+0000

Who pooled - Introducing the amazing seeded paper!