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Otex is a long-established solution for ear wax removal that works by breaking down
the hardened wax in the ear canal helping you hear more clearly. Our challenge was how do you demo this process in a way that feels engaging and wouldn’t gross people out?
Our idea? A metaphorical, sensorial, journey through the ear canal.
Using sound as the ‘vehicle’ we take viewers on a trip through a cave to demonstrate how sound waves travel through the ear. Inspired by Antelope Canyon in Arizona, it’s a world of texture and layered SFX... one that feels both cinematic and relatable. ASMR is used to bring another layer to the ad; to really lock the viewer’s senses into the experience and put them right there as we move through the space, through the sounds; it feels mesmeric almost – the way the camera meanders and flows. Even our voiceover accentuates the experience with its softer, more engaging tone designed to draw you in. As we emerge from the cave the sense of relief is palpable... light at the end of the tunnel... literally!
To bring our vision to life, we approached award-winning animators who are specialists in creating immersive environments; we wanted lots of natural textures to make it feel like an organic space... to make it feel like an ear canal. By animating, rather than filming it for real,
we were able to really push the experience of heightened reality to match the theme
of heightened senses.
The result? A demo with a difference – one that communicates efficacy,
showing blockage and clearance in a dynamic way.


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Project featured: on 6th February 2024




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