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Ogilvy India approached our Mumbai office to provide our specialised retouch and CGI services to create the key visual for Mother Dairy's new ice-cream launch in Mumbai, Ekdum Aam, a tasty ice candy full of the rich flavours of Indian mangoes.

The brief to us from Siddhartha Ghose, Account Director @ Ogilvy India, for this project was clear and concise - portraying the most iconic and historic monument of Mumbai, The Gateway of India, as an incorporation into the ice-cream. The slogan of the Mother's Dairy product launch was 'Aam-chi Mumbai', which is a play on the popular catch-phrase 'Aamchi Mumbai' which translates 'Our Mumbai' in the local language of Marathi. A mango in this language is called 'Aam', hence the play of words.

Happy Finish CG artist Mahesh Patel led the CGI for this project, and retouchers Nilesh Thale along with Manoj Rane handled the image retouching.

The CGI work was elaborate. The entire ice candy was modelled from scratch, based on product images and hands-on experiencing. The 3D model of The Gateway of India was purchased stock and then tweaked and rendered to be seamlessly incorporated into the ice-cream. These were all brought together with intricate elements and textures of droplets and condensation to create an extremely realistic look of the product. Post the CGI artistry, our retouching team blended in their magic to create a finished product which ensured an image which makes customers crave for the appetising and refreshing-looking ice candy.

This project is now the hero image for Mother Dairy's 'Ekdum Aam' ATL & BTL campaigns in Mumbai.

Brand: Mother Dairy
Client: Ogilvy India
CGI: Happy Finish - Mahesh Patel
Retouch: Happy Finish - Nilesh Thale & Manoj Rane
Production: Happy Finish - Akshay Bhosle
Account Manager: Happy Finish - Sushmita Bhattacharya


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