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With our long history in the world of Fashion, we were excited when Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB) approached us to create a fun in-store experience for Levi's China to bring to life an immersive 360° VR video campaign promoting their new 511 and 711 range of apparel. Our challenge was clear; we needed to create an experience which helped shoppers in China find their style through a VR experience that showcases the versatility of 511/711 with a gamification element.

We're experts in captivating audiences through 360 films, so our Shanghai team ventured out in search of a location large enough to shoot a solid concept of cloning two celebrities dressed in Levi’s 511/711 clothing range, in full 360°. Popular Chinese pop singers Li Ronghao and Ai Fei were roped in as the talent to showcase their denims.

In the experience, we take shoppers into the world of versatile styling where 511 and 711 change the way they dress, through a 360 VR in-store experience as a 'runway' optical challenge, to see how a pair of 511/711 transforms into multiple looks that defines what style truly means.

The shoppers have a chance to identify distinctive styles endorsed by the style leaders, Li and Ai, in a fun and engaging way, following and identifying the originals from the clones, and when successful, they receive discounts and merchandise.

To bring this project to life, we utilised our fully-equipped 360 team along with DOP and equipment such as Nokia OZO to execute multiple technical shots in a fast-paced two-day shoot. The choreography of the movement of each version of the talent was conducted to the smallest detail to ensure perfection in each of their motions. We shot this on chroma key using a green screen over four storeys tall and over 40 feet wide.

James Brown, 360 VR Film Director, Happy Finish explained, ”The Brand wanted Happy Finish to create a simple game of following the celebrities. It soon became apparent that Choreography in 360 would be the key to making 18 different clones seamlessly walk in between one and other. We took two popular Chinese pop celebrities and created a brilliant CGI world for them to guide the viewer through. We chose to use Nokia OZO for this shoot as it allowed us to provide a live preview to the client, enabling them to input on a 360 shoot, which is fantastic. Li and Ai were great fun to work with! They had the ability to visualise a complex Choreography path and movement.”

Mung Ng, Senior Account Director, FCB mentions, “It is very rare that brands use creative interactive experiences in their marketing plan in China. The Levi’s campaign is the first time in China for a retail brand to use Virtual Reality to interact with customers in-store. It is a milestone for the Fashion and Retail industries here."

To enjoy this unique game in all its glory of 360° VR, head to your nearest Levi’s store in China!

Client: Levi’s China
Agency: Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB)
360° VR Film Director: James Brown
First Assistant 360° VR Director & DOP: Elliot Graves
Producer: Lucky Lu
Account Manager: Laurel Yip
360° VR Project Manager: Srikant Nayak
Assistant 360° DOP: Sagar Sayre
360° VR Producers: Shivam Gupta & Shantanu Maskeri

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A 360 VR Cloning Experience For Levi's