Webinar: The Future Of AI Marketing

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Artificial Intelligence is not about statistics, is about experience. In this webinar Stuart Waplington, Co-Founder and CEO, will walk you through what deep learning really means and the possibilities that have been unlocked to the marketing world.

WHEN: Thursday, 10th Nov, 1 pm GMT

WHO: Stuart Waplington, CEO & Co-Founder

TOPICS: AI, Deep Learning, Shoegazer, Buzzteam

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The global market for AI is set to be worth $5.05 Billion by 2020 (Markets & Markets). Happy Finish is already ahead of the curve; we've just presented Shoegazer, a unique Proof of Concept that uses AI and Transfer Learning to identify the exact brand and style of trainers in real-time – with 95% accuracy and Buzzteam, our on-demand workforce resource platform which allows individual companies building teams by employing global network of resources that can be discovered by skill-set, experience, cost or rating.

Join this webinar to understand AI and how its rapid adoption is set to transform a range of markets, from advertising and media to finance and retail, offering benefits such as improved productivity and increased customer satisfaction.

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