About me

In my previous positions as a graphical designer and web developer, I have always

been very much interested in motion graphics and Computer Generated Imagery.

The ability to create a photorealistic image or graphic animation, starting from a

sketch or an idea, is very exciting to me. I started exploring the possibilities in multiple

3D software applications and over the course of time, I became more and more


I thought myself how to use Cinema 4D, and I believe that I can honestly say that my

knowledge in this specific software is thorough. From modelling an object to using

dynamics and cloth, and finally to texturing, lightning and rendering. I love to indulge

myself into the entire process of making that final render.

The next step is where the fun really begins. Applying textures accurately, setting up

the lighting, use the suitable rendering engine and bring the scene in to after effects

in order to bring it alive.


3D Animation, 3D Design, 3D Modeling, After Effects

Sector Experience

Advertising, Audio / Visual, Information & Advice

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Junior, Middleweight, Senior, Director
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