Why Business Transparency Is Important

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Being transparent with your employees is becoming more important than ever. Many business now operate flat structures and promote a collective atmosphere in order to succeed. Whether big or small there are many benefits to this attitude, so here's why business transparency is important and how it can benefit you...

Trust and Loyalty

*Transparency means having an inclusive attitude. When all employees, regardless of seniority or title, are trusted with important information it builds employee loyalty and shows they are valued members of the business. Transparency around internal policies also shows that the same rules apply to everyone and creates a company culture of responsibility and fairness. Happy employees = more productivity and less staff turnover.

More information means more certainty


Having all the relevant information allows you to make strategic business decisions and this no different for your employees. Understanding the value of your business, it's unique selling points, place in the market and objectives allows them to do their job more effectively. With information about the health of the business they are also more sure of their place within it and it's direction for the future.

Encouraging Engagement

*When your business is more transparent, employees are more likely to become involved in contributing ideas. This engagement and conversation can be intrinsic to developing your business and expanding into new areas. It will also help resolves issues that may be holding your business back or identify market trends that could impact your growth.

It's just good business

*In day to day life you would rather do business with someone who is honest with you. Transparency with your employees is also a practice you should be using with your customers. It promotes brand loyalty and engagement and helps to build more fruitful business relationships as well as repeat custom. At Hanover we have made 'Transparent' one of our four core business values and an intrinsic part of our day to day behaviour. It is one of the reasons we have been so successful in building a client base and how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Transparency is not something that should be feared by businesses, it should be embraced. It's a great way to improve company culture, brand loyalty and customer services, all of which will help your business to thrive!



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