Internal Training - What you should be doing but probably aren't

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How often have you wanted to send employees on a training course but time out of the office and budget constraints have stopped you? Training doesn’t have to cost the earth (No, I’m not about to sell you a training course here) and some managers need to realise that there is no excuse for not supporting your employees development.

Training and development are integral to the success of your business, not only does it enable you to retain top talent, your customers will also benefit as the training translates into improved service and new offerings which can then be channelled to directly impact the bottom line. Remember – knowledge is still power! Of course there will always be some specialised training that employees require from a pricey provider but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the initiative and provide internal training and learning opportunities.

Here are a few free internal training and development options…

Knowledge Bytes

*At Hanover, we have daily ‘Knowledge Bytes’. This is a snappy ten minute presentation given by a different member of the team each and every day. Topics are allocated by the team lead and typically focus on knowledge gaps that have recently arisen within the team. The aim of each Knowledge Byte is for everyone to come away knowing something that they didn’t already know, or have a subject refreshed and strengthened in their mind. Keeping them fun and interactive means that it also helps to break up the day and their regularity keeps people in learning mode. The presenters also benefit from stretching their skills around research and public speaking.

Facilitate Skill Sharing

*It might sound simple but if you do a little digging it won’t take long to uncover skill inequalities within your team. Once you find them, you should facilitate those with the skills into coaching those whose skills are lacking. This double whammy effect means that you’re training one member of staff while the other benefits from learning how to teach, mentor and to develop another team member. This can be as simple as a junior team member shadowing a senior team member for a day, or watching as they perform particular tasks such as listening in on a phone call or constructing a sales email.

Free Online Resources

*There are plenty of free online training resources out there as well as free meetups and conferences. Take a little time to research them and then link them into your intranet. In addition, you should research and then share relevant TED Talks and webinars. These can be emailed around for colleagues to watch in their own time or viewed on a screen as a shared experience and facilitate a brief discussion afterwards to get everyone on the same page. 

Make Time To Be Inspired

*Encourage employees to seek out sources of inspiration and set time aside to catch up on relevant news, emerging trends, or new technologies – this doesn’t just benefit your employees by nourishing their need for professional growth, but your business will be more in touch with what’s going on in the world outside and become more innovative as a result. So these are just a few of the things we do here internally at Hanover Recruitment and we’ve won The Richmond Business Award 2014 & 2015 for Best Training and Development and we’ve recently been accredited with a Silver award from Investors in People for our company culture and progression.

At Hanover Recruitment we take a positive and innovative approach to training and development. Our business has a collective atmosphere and we know how valuable our employees knowledge and skills are to the success of the business as a whole.

Which leads me to my final point…

Appreciate your employees and invest in them, because they are what make your business successful!


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