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As a print designer, it was brilliant fun to branch out and create an app for CycleSurgery. The Digibook is the first of it's kind for the brand and is a cross between a lookbook, brochure and selling tool to complement the website.

In designing the app, I took inspiration from the Summer 16 print brochure and developed it into a style that would work for screen.
It is very modular design, which allowed me to be flexible with each page; it meant I could work with tabs, video, imagery and text very fluidly, whilst still keeping a consistent style throughout.

Each section is marked off by a typographical intro; this not only introduces the discipline but leads the user into each category with a colour pop, reminding them where they are in the book, and being used as an ascent to highlight tabs and create a strong contrast with the imagery and dark blue background.

Learning how to use InDesign to create interactive elements was a great challenge and I very much enjoyed exploring different ways of working. I love designing for print, but there is something pretty awesome about designing an interactive magazine.

Date created: January 2017 2017-01-01T00:00:00+0000
Date published: 13 February 2017 2017-02-13T11:12:13+0000


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