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After ten years in Dallas, I moved my family of five to the Baylor Bears home. I realized my daughter's brainwashing was complete after she believed that the Baylor Bear mascots hibernate only after "eating all them Longhorns." If you desire to see too many photos of my family, you can find me on Facebook and Twitter.

I read securities regulations while my friends were playing hopscotch. Now I've settled more disputes than hamburgers you've eaten. It's important to me that I return phone calls on the same day. I like making complicated things simple. I approach concerns as a business partner.

As a lawyer, The National Trial Lawyers and Texas Super Lawyers recognized my achievements. And I served as President of the Dallas Federal Bar Association. My practice centered on business lawsuits --

Securities Exchange Commission regulations, anti-bribery compliance, and internal controls. In the courtroom, I had to think on my feet. That's where I honed making business concepts simple and creating a persuasive argument on the spot.

My track record of success is built on tenacity, teamwork, and leadership. As a manager, I am hands-on and believe in continuous improvement.


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