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The Brief

Sinéad O’Dwyer is a Dublin-born fashion designer. Having graduated from the Royal College of Art, she has been continuously working on changing the representation of female-identifying bodies in fashion. Her work includes silicone pieces created using fibreglass moulds cast directly from women’s bodies creating wearable sculptures.

Sinead’s work is underpinned by themes of the body, celebration, collaboration, creativity and inclusivity. Her work sets out to change stereotypes and the narratives around certain bodies - through her collections, O’Dwyer creates a new language of beauty and acceptance available to everyone regardless of their size.

Greenspace were tasked to create a visual identity that expressed these qualities, summarised through the strategic thought of ‘For the love of every body’.

Creative Idea

The creative team were inspired by the ever changing and ‘imperfect’ nature of body form, and the materials Sinéad works with regularly such as silicone. This led to developing an ever changing wordmark which combined fluctuating alternate characters, inspired by the visual appearance of bodies. For example how skin and fat ‘pinches’ and ‘folds’.

This wordmark developed into the creation of a display typeface in collaboration with Swiss Typefaces, named ‘Every Body Suisse’. Each letterform has several alternate characters which can be used to create distinctive typographic statements, and feel at ease alongside collection pieces. Animation brought the typeface to life referencing through not only how bodies look, but also how they move. We even created a specific cut which randomised the alternate characters, bringing a freshness to typographic statements.

As words were key to a typographic approach, we commissioned writer Anastasiia Fedorova to write an immersive poem reflecting on O’Dwyer’s journey and vision — a window to O’Dwyer’s universe and a reflection on living within the female body.

We combined the typographic approach with a series of graphic assets, motion styles and print techniques that stood out in the often stark world of fashion. Colour palettes were derived from recent collections, and we celebrated materials such as silicone with layers of tactile print techniques.

The identity culminated in a thoughtful, sensitive and forward-thinking brand that conveys the contrast and character of O’Dwyer and her work.


The new visual identity has helped Sinéad O’Dwyer become more visible globally having being used throughout new collections and campaigns. The branding project has been featured comprehensively in the the international design press, including the likes of Design Week, Visuelle, The Brand Identity and many more. A film about the project was screened at London Design Festival 2021.

“Working with Greenspace has given me an opportunity to reflect deeper on my work and its existence in the context of art, fashion, my creative community and the more commercial side of the industry. It helped me to focus more on what I’m really about. It brought me back to how much I love experimenting with industrial techniques and really pushing convention. It also made me think even more of how I want there to be authenticity in my practice, the way my garments are telling the story of individual bodies, as opposed to making universal claims. I want to be known for breaking stereotypes of who gets to look a certain way, who is deemed worthy of being within the fashion realm. It’s great to see my vision translated into details, and the collaborative work I do gets to truly shine”.
— Sinéad O’Dwyer, Founder/ Fashion-Artist


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