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What we did
* Brand strategy
* Creative direction
* Visual identity design
* Advertising design & art direction
* Digital design
* Film production
* Interior design
* Visitor experience design

The Battersea Power Station development is London’s largest, most visionary new neighbourhood, standing in pride of place on the bank of the River Thames. Roughly half the development will consist of shops, restaurants and office space in addition to a six-acre public park, a town square and a new tube station. At the heart of the 42-acre site sits the iconic Grade II* listed Power Station itself, re-imagined and designed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects. 

Greenspace’s task
Our brief was to refresh and uplift the Battersea Power Station brand and its communications. To define an overall marketing strategy, brand story and identity that could talk about the Power Station itself, the neighbourhood of today, the new architecture that will sit alongside it, and the destination as a whole.
Greenspace has been assigned responsibility for the design and marketing of the original Battersea Power Station conversion by Wilkinson Eyre, as well as two completely new mixed-use developments; Battersea Prospect Place by Gehry Partners and Battersea Roof Gardens by Foster + Partners.

Creating a relevant legacy driven brand story — ‘Powered by positive’
Greenspace was appointed on the strength of its research and strategy work for Battersea Power Station. We analysed the long term objectives for the development, enabling us to deliver the positioning and key USP’s for the project.

“We were immediately drawn to the shared positive outlook we heard from people living and working at Battersea Power Station and that of the entire client team — we felt that this was a key insight to leverage because it reveals a fundamental human truth about wanting to feel certainty and optimism in life”
Lene Nielsen — Strategy Director, Greenspace

We developed the legacy idea, Powered by Positive to build a clear bridge between the history of the Power Station itself and the shared optimistic attitude of those living, visiting and working there today, in anticipation of the many thousands more to come.

“Powered by Positive is a very appropriate and inspiring way to encapsulate the feeling you get when you visit Battersea Power Station — and as designers, writers and filmmakers, it gives us great scope for creativity.”
Lee Deverill — Creative Director Greenspace

Visual identity
We elected to retain the original logotype and typeface and looked for ways to refresh the visual identity to express the idea of Powered by Positive.

We have achieved this by animating the logotype and building a set of supporting bold linear patterns reflective of the architecture and illuminated portraiture in an effort to express the idea of the Power Station coming back to life, energising those who live there now and in the future.

The new visual identity treatment incorporates the Futura typeface family, more graphically tracked out to create a further texture, whilst the colour palette offers a nod to the building’s history: a red taken from the power station’s six million bricks, an electric green to reflect the new roof gardens and a blue to mirror its riverside location.

“We were immediately captivated by the creative idea that Greenspace developed to sum up the Battersea Power Station brand as “Powered by Positive”. It perfectly encapsulates the shared optimistic attitude we have with our customers, residents and visitors alike and it will motivate us all as we continue to establish London’s most happening place to be on the banks of the River Thames.”
Simon Murphy — Chief Executive, Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station experience centre — an immersive customer journey
Powered by Positive is brought to life through the creation of an all-new physical brand experience centre and immersive customer journey.

Interior design
Managing all the interior design and content production, we have introduced bespoke customer experience journeys for commercial, retail and residential clients as well as creating a welcoming space for visitors and ‘curious locals’ to the development.
Visitors are introduced to a variety of interactive models*, screens and information boards with an insight into the project and an opportunity to find out more about the various elements of the £9bn regeneration, from residential to retail, offices and more.

Immersion room
At the heart of the centre is a 30m2 immersion room where all visitors are introduced to the story of BPS via a jewel-like interactive model controlled by a bespoke app*. The app activates films and animations on a giant 6m wide LED wall. We created a countdown and soundscape to begin the experience and then drew and animated over 200 sequences to explain the neighbourhood — from nearby landmarks to transport. 

“We are delighted with the dedicated work and attention to detail that Greenspace has brought to Battersea Power Station, helping us to create our customer-first vision and elevate our guests experience to new heights, through an ultra-modern, welcoming and seamless journey.”
Mark Hutton — Head of Residential Sales, Battersea Power Station

* Model Architects – Grain

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