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We partnered with Spark - leading New Zealand mobile, broadband and digital services provider - to develop their future retail strategy and two new flagship stores, redefining the experience of visiting a Spark store.

The brief

So how does a telco company become a digital service partner? Spark's aim is to become the leading, home-grown brand that changes the face of retail, technology and digital services, to help New Zealanders to reach their own potential. Our challenge was to redefine their future retail strategy, to enable them to be just that.

The insight

Spark’s purpose is to help all of New Zealand to win big in a digital world; their audience, a diverse group of people from all walks of life, cultures and ages. But what they all have in common is the need for help in personalising their own digital lifestyles.

Taking to the streets to gather customer insight, we devised 6 unique shopper missions, each deep diving into individual needs and emotional desires, to build a model that connected with each and every one of them in a meaningful way.

Our design concept ‘Meet me where I am’ was  – a proposition that responds to customer needs, no matter who they are, what they want or how they want it. Whether supporting them in their quest to optimise their digital life, or offering a refreshing, hassle-free approach to solving a technical issue, Spark will meet them where they are.

Total Store Experience Concept

We helped Spark to achieve this via targeted human experiences – for both customers and staff – that respond to the pulse of the city; facilitating audience appreciation by empathetically enhancing their digital lifestyles now, and in the future.

Spark’s 5 CX pillars, ‘Wow me, Value me, Understand me, Trust me and Help me’, informed our holistic design approach to inspire, engage and inform in equal measure. Key moments positioned throughout the space deliver service, build surprise and earn the trust of shoppers in an individual and personalised way.

The inviting and inspiring store ambience changes throughout the day, season and year; a space that can truly be adapted to suit any requirement, including seasonal events and offerings – ensuring a constantly refreshed and elevated experience. The store aims to showcase product through engaging stories, offering expert help and consultation, whilst assisting individual discovery – a place to inspire New Zealanders to better curate their digital lifestyles – transforming telco retail for a new generation.

Spark Newmarket flagship store opened its doors in September 2019.


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Spark New Zealand - Creating a new benchmark in experiential retail