Greenpeace faces up to Nestlé's #PlasticMonster

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Environmental group Greenpeace has revived its call for mega corporations to stop polluting the planet with single-use plastic by launching a new video aimed at food and drink brand Nestlé.

In the social spot, Nestlé’s 'chief plastics officer’ heads to a vending machine for a refreshment after a game of squash, but instead of receiving a plastic bottle, he comes face to face with a menacing, plastic-spewing vending machine monster.

The video ends by showing a man walking on a sea of plastic waste - footage shot during Greenpeace’s recent ship tour in the Philippines.

#PlasticMonster comes nine years after Greenpeace launched a viral video parody of Nestlé’s Kit Kat brand to raise awareness about the destruction of rainforests for palm oil. This time, the campaign takes the fight to the brand’s extensive use of plastic packaging.


The new #PlasticMonster ad

In 2018 Nestlé produced 1.7 million metric tons of plastic packaging, a 13% increase from the 1.5 million metric tons it produced in 2017.

“Nestlé has created a plastic monster and it’s time they deal with it. They claim to take the plastic pollution crisis seriously, but their actions don’t back that up: Nestlé continues to increase its reliance on throwaway plastics,” said Mirjam Kopp, project leader at Greenpeace.

“It’s time for Nestlé to phase out single-use plastics across its supply chains and embrace systems of refill and reuse.”


Kit Kat parody released by Greenpeace in 2010


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