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Great Guns director Guy Aslan has debuted a fantastical new spot for sustainable household paper brand Lambi. Set within a mystical forest, the advert uses striking imagery and a care-free atmosphere to explore the sustainable softness of Nordic nature, following one woman on a search for natural softness.

Director Guy Aslan was approached by Hasan & Partners for the spot, allowing him to craft the perfect treatment for this search for softness. With the image of a lamb having been long associated with Lambi, Guy worked with the agency to craft an imaginative approach to the brief, focusing on an emotional connection with the brand and its ties to sustainability and caring for nature.

The spot, which was filmed in Finland, follows a woman who stumbles upon a lamb whilst exploring a magical forest. The inquisitive animal decides to stay by her side, as we see her laying on the forest floor and gazing up at the sky, with the lamb curled up by her head as the camera pans up and away. Cutting to a product shot, we realise the lamb represents the natural softness found in Lambi’s sustainable toilet roll and other household products.

Director Guy Aslan comments: “I love the bold move of doing an advert like this, so kudos to the marketing team at Lambi and Hasan & Partners for this vision. We did so much preparation for the spot, which led to a non-stressful, warm, and caring vibe on location. There was a real feeling of working together as a team with very clear objectives so the easy, care-free nature of the final film is just a bi-product of the atmosphere on set. In order to work within Coronavirus restrictions, we had support from the client and agency to take in account the extra time we needed to complete the shoot which was fantastic - as was the detailed post work for the lamb from the guys at Fable FX!”

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