Immersive events have always been central to Hendrick’s marketing. While they are able to give a depth of experience, they only reach a small percentage of premium gin drinkers. We needed to deliver the immersive experience at greater scale.

Our task was to create an innovative audio-based treatment programme. This will genuinely alter ones mental state, to create an unusual and unexpected experience when drinking a Hendrick’s G&T. Engaging the devoted gin consumer and building their loyalty.

Presenting Hendrick’s Hypnagoggles, a kit designed to work with a mobile phone to deliver our series of hypnagogic audio treatments while drinking a G&T. Each track put the wearer in a hypnagogic state using a method similar to hypnosis; creating worlds with binaural sound to trigger different feelings. Designed to be worn in the presence of a drinking acquaintance, the onlooker could see what was going on in the participant’s minds by looking into their eyes.

The Hypnagoggles were sent to the 500 most influential individuals comprised of existing Hendrick’s Society of the Unusual members and new users driven through our media campaign. The 500 were determined by their online influence via their Klout score.

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