Why would anyone become a Facebook fan of an insurance company?
Allianz are one of the world’s leading insurers, but they had little brand equity in the UK, so how could we build awareness of their insurance offering?

Recognising that audiences wouldn’t engage with messages about insurance, we identified the school run as the most stressful time to have your kids in your car.
Capturing the drama as it happened – no scripts, no direction – an online reality series was born: Allianz Presents #SchoolRunStories.

By giving people something they were interested in and could empathise with, 10% of people reached watched the videos, providing over 250k views. 75% of people watched the videos all the way through, at a cost per view of 4p.
This led to a 29% increase in prompted brand awareness, and provided genuinely entertaining content for the motoring mums and dads of Facebook.

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Date published: 15 January 2015 2015-01-15T17:15:50+0000


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Allianz Presents #SchoolRunStories