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The mobile industry is fiercely competitive and, let’s be honest, incredibly stagnant. ThreeUK last year embarked on a mission to shake things up, giving their customers incredible perks and showing non-Three customers what they're missing out on.

The launch of their ‘Go Binge’ offering allowed binge-obsessed customers to devour films, TV shows and music without using up their data. No more worrying about hitting your data limit halfway through an episode of GLOW.

We needed to create noise around the launch of Go Binge so delved into the research behind it, learning as much as we could about the bingeing behaviours of the UK. It’s no surprise that the 5.5 inch screen in our pocket has completely changed when, where and how we consume content. The research revealed that 44% of people aged 16-24 years old watch more than an hour of streamed content on their phones daily and 46% binge because they just can’t wait for the next episode.

In a world of Netflix and Chill, this excessive binging behaviour has fast become normalised, making our consumer insight ripe for parody. So, to raise awareness of a product that allows you to stream all you want, we went against the grain and created a short film that instead poked fun at our obsession with streaming.


We tapped into the tribe of bingers and the associated cult-like behaviour to create a quirky, unconventional film that encouraged people to ‘Go Binge’ and feel liberated.

Set in an eccentric electronics store, the film sees a store owner host secret, eccentric binge classes after hours, urging people to be more in-tune with their devices and to achieve a higher stream of consciousness.

Going against conventional social wisdom, our film on YouTube was four minutes long – playing on the idea of unlimited bingeing in form as well as content. After all, if you’re on Three, the length of the video doesn’t matter.


“If I wanted to sell you a product, any product, chances are my first instinct wouldn’t be to tell you a story that highlights the downside or perils of using that product. Not many car ads, for example, talk about accident stats. That’s what makes this new short film from Three UK so interesting.” – Fast Company

The creativity and unique style of ‘Streaming Consciousness’ has been recognised by a number of online publications such as The Drum, Campaign, Creativepool and The Stable, with Little Black Book calling it “wonderfully weird”.

It achieved a reach of 1.4M, with 685K views and 2.3% engagement. The full film on YouTube had an average view duration of just under 2 minutes, which is practically a feature length film in the eyes of most social media managers.

From a business perspective, Go Binge contributed to an enormously successful campaign overall for Three UK which saw Netflix traffic through the network almost double since the launch of Go Binge, from 9.8Gbps in June to 20.2Gbps in December.

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