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To celebrate the launch of Three's high speed 5G broadband, we brought together volumetric capture and holographic projection in a world first. The unique and immersive installation on London's Southbank dramatised the benefits of Three’s 5G home broadband over three epic nights.

Previously, mixed reality hologram effects were either not visible to the live audience but instead viewed through a device, or, if projected, very limited in scope and angles. This is the first volumetrically captured hologram performance viewable to a live audience.

We worked with Dimension, the company responsible for putting four augmented reality ‘Madonnas’ onstage performing in unison with the real singer at the Billboard Music Awards earlier this year.

The installation includes photo-realistic performances from three influencers, viewable from any angle and incorporating dramatic camera moves unachievable using any other capture medium. Each performance highlights a different benefit of Three’s 5G home broadband:

- Raye, the London-based singer songwriter, highlights the unrivalled 5G home broadband download speeds that are a world away from slow streaming, performing as if she were DJing at a festival.
- Vikkstar, a YouTube gaming influencer, ‘fights’ a dramatic battle with buffering - a thing of the past with 5G home broadband.
- Liv Cooke and Andrew Henderson, professional football freestylers, showcase the progression from 1G through 2G, 3G, 4G and culminating in 5G by performing increasingly complex and impressive stunts.

The Hologram House itself incorporates four projectors. This allows people to experience parallax (the perceived change in position of an object seen from two different places) between foreground and background, a sensation of depth unachievable on traditional broadcast platforms. The projection was managed by Projection Artwork. PR is by Pretty Green and Mindshare is responsible for associated media.

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