Graphixstory Kolkata


The project took birth from our immense love for exploring. 
The girl here is a solo traveler, who just picks up her sack and flies off to discover a new destination and a new land, whenever she has the chance to do so. She is the master of her own life and traversing the Earth her goal. As she discovers new exotic places around the world, she discovers a part of herself in a new way.

We tried to bring out the unmatched beauty of the various exotic places existing on Mother Earth through the application of vibrant colors and some exciting elements.

Please do shower us with your valued appreciations and let us know your thoughts about the project in the comments.

Date created: March 2020 2020-03-05T00:00:00+0000
Date published: 5 March 2020 2020-03-05T13:43:09+0000