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The client
Autodesk is an multinational software corporation that makes software products and services for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, education, and entertainment industries. If you’ve ever driven a high-performance car, admired a towering skyscraper, used a smartphone, or watched a great film, chances are you’ve experienced what millions of Autodesk customers are doing with their software.

Their solutions span countless industries, empowering innovators everywhere to combine technologies in new ways, unleash talent, and unlock insights to make the impossible possible.

The brief
Autodesk could see the value of digital transformation within industry. It is a powerful enabler for design and manufacturing companies to offer significantly greater value to their customers, employees, and stakeholders by breaking down silos between departments and helping entire organisations work smarter together.

To explore this topic, Autodesk tasked Grammatik with the creation, strategic delivery and end-to-end remote production of a 12-episode podcast series called “The Art of the Impossible”.

The podcast was to appear independent from Autodesk, with its own name and branding, targeted decision makers in the design and manufacturing industries.

The strategy
Grammatik devised and delivered an inspiring and entertaining podcast series. As part of pre-production, audience personas were identified, a name conceived, and visual assets designed. After the branding bedrock was established, the Grammatik team took care of all pre-production aspects, from ideas to guest outreaching and scripting.

We secured the participation of some of the most renowned leaders across in the design & manufacturing industry. Then, we created personalised scripts for each episode and scheduled the recording sessions via our professional podcast recording tool – all done remotely. Prior to each recording, the host was provided with a call sheet including key information about the episode such as useful numbers, date and time of recording, guest details and relevant links.

Grammatik was responsible for uploading and monitoring the podcast episodes on main platforms including Google, Spotify, Apple and Amazon.

We created a raft of promotional materials for each episode, including a full transcript of the session, description for platforms, web copy, guests bios, social media messages and ideas for thought-leadership pieces to help promote the podcast. We also recommended a series of other promotion ideas for the podcast, such as snippets for social and graphic links in email signatures.

The Results
- 1000s of podcast listeners across all platforms, in more than 60 countries worldwide
- Creation of content for use across multiple channels – web content, social media, press
- Stimulate discussion around digital transformation in the Design and Manufacturing space – with Autodesk driving the agenda


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Autodesk’s ‘The Art of the Impossible’ Podcast Series