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The brief was to create an online spot to encourage females to study Engineering and Technology.

Engineering and Technology has always been a domain of the masculine sex because it’s perceived as physical and uncomfortable.

Instead of showing women inventors in comfortable surroundings, we chose to celebrate the many inventions created by women that have improved our lives.

Like so many projects that all agencies face today, budget is a factor. Thankfully, the stock footage market has grown exponentially of late and we decided to explore the use of stock footage and library music to see what we could create using "off the shelf" materials. Both the client and us were genuinely surprised with the results.

What’s more, a recent dipstick survey conducted in the campus showed that the spot resonated with the primary target audience. 

Given that the campaign has just been launched in January, it is indeed an encouraging sign.

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Annual 2018 ShortlistWoman's work is never done.Advertising: Film Project featured: on 26th January 2018

Woman's work is never done.


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