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The brief was to invite students to study Engineering or Architecture at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). The University, founded in collaboration with MIT prides itself as an institution for future innovators. This campaign challenges students to build better transportation, housing, communication tools, and cutting-edge products for the future.

Since most students rely on public transportation, we chose to run a poster campaign where our target won’t miss them. At bus stops and train stations.

We are better off as a result of innovation and we need innovators to continue to improve our lives and build a better world.

Based on this thought, instead of just featuring great inventions and architecture, we highlighted the innovations of our past, then invite aspiring innovators to improve on the present.

Since its launch two months ago, we were delighted to know that a dipstick survey confirmed that the campaign was well received by the primary target audience and the general public.

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