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For years Marigold Yoghurt has been successfully marketed as a healthy snack. However, due to intense competition touting the same proposition, we needed to find a differentiator that is believable and has legs. Fortunately, there is one option we could count on, thanks to Marigold's rich and creamy recipe. Taste. With that in mind, we created a 20secs spot featuring three unpleasant situations saved by the taste of Marigold Yoghurt. Because there isn't a bad time to eat Marigold Yoghurt.
Each scenario relied on minimal cuts with ambient audio to capture a satisfying savoury moment. This execution also allowed us to create three unskippable 6 secs spots for online media.
To date, the campaign has run on free-to-air TV channels, cinemas and online, and has garnered many positive responses.

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Date published: 3 January 2019 2019-01-03T15:26:52+0000


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Annual 2019 ShortlistDrama. Football. Date.Advertising: Film Project featured: on 2nd January 2019

Drama. Football. Date.


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