For the OceanSaver social creatives, I wanted to create something simple and eye-catching, that had a clear vision and style that played as much with visual storytelling as wordplay. The idea was to tell part of the story using the caption and the rest with the imagery to build a whole picture.

As with the logo design, I started by sketching some ideas. I wanted the Instagram posts to have a clean look, with special emphasis paid to the messaging and the overall graphical aesthetic.

I decided to create vector-based artwork instead of using stock imagery because, for me, it gave the brand something unique and their own. I also wanted everything to tie back to the simplicity of the logo and the overall colour scheme to be harmonious.

I transitioned the sketches to Illustrator and worked them up to create scalable vector artwork that could be re-purposed. I added in subtle details like gradients, foam and shading to lift the designs and make them more three-dimensional. I wanted the image to slightly come through the text so I added transparency but compensated by added a stroke to the copy so that it didn’t lose too much legibility. The subtle shadow also helped lift the text from the background.


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