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The brief was to disrupt the conventional Scotch category and make Dewar’s appealing to millennial consumers. To do this we identified and leveraged passion points of the target audience: Street Food, exciting experiences and entertaining product discovery to create an engaging experiential campaign.

Our creative approach was to bring to life the witty, charming and irreverent character of Dewar’s founder Tommy Dewar. We discovered not only was he a world famous whisky pioneer, he was also an avid chicken breeder, giving us an authentic story to tie consumer passion points to brand truths bringing us the Scotch Egg Club.

The Scotch Egg club pairs Dewar’s blended and single malt whiskies with gourmet Scotch eggs. The Scotch egg pairings were designed by Michelin starred chefs and tell product stories in a unique and disruptive way.


Each Scotch Egg club activation was delivered with the irreverent wit of the brand, delivering brand and product stories though a series of games and disruptive activations. Each designed to deliver key messaging to consumers in a fun and engaging way, whether it be chicken Bingo or the Scotch Egg Physic they created a channel for product story telling that felt playful, authentic and different.

We also encouraged collaborations with local bartenders, chefs, artists and other creatives and gave global markets comprehensive activation guidelines to execute this.


The event has been executed in 40 cities globally including Melbourne, Miami, New York, Moscow, Stockholm, Barcelona and Berlin.

Events were planned in spaces already frequented by our target audience of 24-36 year olds. For example Utopia 126 in Barcelona and Berlin Bite Club, (76% of attendees were aged 18-34).

The Stats:

- #ScotchEggClub received 1,211,400.55 views/ likes on Instagram in 11 months

- The brand has achieved 26% growth. YOY

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