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I am Giuseppe Luca Moliterni, a postgraduate from Sussex University, UK, Master of Arts in International Relations and MA in Economics and Politics of the European Integration. I am applying Intern at The Stockholm Network. I have an academic background in International Relations but also in European Studies. I have completed my BA (First level degree) at the University of Bologna, Italy, Department of Political Science - Forlì in International and Diplomatic Sciences and after that I have taken a Master Degree at the same University in Economics and Politics of European Integration, with an overall average of 93,5%. I have now completed my second MA, this time in International Relations, expecting a Merit. I am specialized in IR theories, Security Studies, Political Science, European Integration Policies, Theories for Political Analysis, European Security and Defence Policy, European Law and also Economics and Comparative studies (especially in the foreign policies and public policies field like the environmental policy); I have got a good knowledge because of the studies that I have undertaken of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Financial Systems, International Economics and Competition Policies, Comparative methods of analysis.

I have got great communication and problem solving skills, because of the kind of studies that I have undertaken during the last years, giving me also the chance to improve my knowledge of the political arena and international system.

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