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"Them" represents the anguish to observe yourself from a new point of view.
In this short movie, the fear is represented with sudden images, strident and unexpected sounds, that are barely interrupted by a voice that is sometimes the one of the main character, and in other moments is an omniscent voice. Therefore, the protagonist already knows, in the depths of his mind, the lesson he has to learn: to be able to live with other people is necessary to know all the people that coexist in the only body that each of us inhabit.
Have you ever thought about Them?

What? Is this me?
Actually it is.

You need to know Them, the people you are, because they're what other people know.
Now, are you ready to go out?

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Date published: 11 May 2017 2017-05-11T11:36:25+0100

Them - A short movie by Lewis Lopez