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Made from girders

A national icon
Frequently described as ‘Scotland’s other drink’ (after whisky), IRN-BRU is one of the nation’s most treasured brands. It’s irreverent and humorous ad campaigns had kept IRN-BRU front of mind with its fans, but its design felt tired and dated and was not reflecting the brand's unique personality. Our task was to refresh and modernise the brand whilst respecting its rich visual heritage.

Bold strength
The brand’s famous ‘Made from Girders’ ad campaign from the 1980s provided the foundation for our key thought around ‘industry and strength’. This inspired the introduction of the ‘I’ girder device which encases the redrawn word mark, and the resurrection of the strong man which featured on the brand’s original label. Acknowledging the distinctiveness of the brand’s existing colour palette, we leveraged the orange and blue to deliver instant visibility at shelf.

A story telling device
Every brand touch point became a vehicle to continue the story of industry and strength; from the tone of voice, to the strong man holding up the pack, and the bold typeface reinforcing the strength of the girder device.

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