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Allow me to briefly introduce myself: I'm Gideon, a keen copywriter who has just finished a year working as a freelancer in Shanghai, and is now back in London looking for an exciting full-time opportunity. I've worked as a copywriter for a range of clients, including a food delivery service, a home retail e-commerce site, and a coworking space provider.

As I'm sure you can see from my CV, my background hasn't always been in writing; I started out my full-time career as a media planner and buyer at a leading London agency, where I worked for three years. I learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed my time there, but the nature of the role meant I spent a lot of time placing other people's work - in this case adverts across various media channels - in different places, rather than creating any of my own work.

And that's what led me to writing. I've found researching, drafting, polishing, and essentially creating a piece of content from start to finish much more rewarding than placing the work of others. Through my writing and general career experience, I've been able to learn and develop the following skills and qualities:

♣ Creative flair - I've had the opportunity to work a natural talent for writing into various styles and formats, becoming well-versed in identifying and maintaining a company's tone of voice throughout my work.

♣ Research ability - having creative talent is one thing, but being well informed before writing is equally as important, and that's where quality and extensive research comes in. An example of this type of thorough research is shown through detailed resort guides I wrote during my time at an online ski travel agency..spite never having been to these resorts, and only having been skiing once!

♣ Eagerness to learn - I'll be honest, Chinese is a difficult language, but I've tackled the challenge head on, and plan on continuing to build on my knowledge.

♣ Hard-working team player - of course you've heard this all before, but having worked both as part of close-knit teams, and later as an independent freelancer, means I can adapt and work effectively with other departments and autonomously.

♣ Marketing know-how - one of my major responsibilities as a media planner & buyer was to analyse target audiences, in order to better understand their needs, motives and behaviour, and from there be better informed in how to communicate with them. Working across all media channels also means I fully understand how best to use various platforms and mediums for the most effective results.

Don't just take my word that I'm a good writer, take my words for it! You'll find a link to my online portfolio at the top of my CV.


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