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Dear HR Manager:

Your recent post for the Account Manager position has certainly piqued my interest. I am confident my experience in working in print managed services, history of interacting with individuals of all capacities, and ability to manage projects on a timely basis could provide much value and benefit to your company.

I earned my degree in business with an emphasis in Marketing in 2010. This took some years to achieve because I had been working full time through my days in university. While this schedule had its difficulties, it was for my benefit. At the time I was working at a promotional items company and I truly believe that, while I acquired in depth knowledge about marketing and management in university, I gained much more valuable skills by working hands on in the field.

If you would please take a look at my attached CV, you will see listed some accomplishments and aptitudes I've acquired throughout the years. My extensive experience with print media began to sharpen my eye, by proofreading countless materials prior to going on press. The 4+ years spent in the promotional items sector added to my eye's sharpness. Not only did I have to review artwork and documents which were sent to me, but I was also responsible for designing various items for clients. No allowance was made for errors. The objective was simple - to satisfy the client. It was my job to figure out how.

I understand that part of project management is building and maintaining excellent relationships with both clients as well as suppliers; I am confident in my abilities to do just that. Over the years I have built fantastic relationships which have carried over into subsequent roles, and this has been beneficial to both myself as well as the other parties involved.

I ask for a few minutes of your time, so we can further explore the contribution I could bring to your business. I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate the opportunity to apply and be considered for this position.

Thank you,

Georgina Briers

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