George Christacopoulos CG Supervisor


This is a breakdown of the Visual FX Shot we worked on for this Seasons Formulae 1 Title Sequence. I was the CG Team Lead on the job and did all the rigging and animation while overlooking all the work done by the small but talented team of CG artists we had working on the single shot. You will see from the breakdown that everything was created in CG with a lot of time painstakingly spent to getting as much of the details we could in the relatively short time we had.

Date created: September 2019 2019-09-13T00:00:00+0100
Date published: 13 September 2019 2019-09-13T16:38:35+0100
Project featured: on 19th September 2019

F1 Titles 2017 VFX shot Breakdown