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A ketchup for soccer fans who hate RED colour.
Sponsorship which raise the passion and feeling of your team colors to another level.

Reale Seguros current sponsorship deal has been closed for another season along with real Sociedad Football Club. For this renewal, the sponsor offered free hot dogs
to its fans every time the team scored three goals playing at their stadium.
Request was quite simple : do “something” to be top of mind at a local level and generate brand awareness.

THE PROBLEM: hot dogs are served with ketchup. And ketchup is red. A small issue taking into account red is the color which belongs to our historical rival: Athletic de Bilbao. So Real Sociedad supporters deserved a sauce to be proud of and to be comfortable with. Something aligned with their taste and feeling.

THE IDEA: Colors in football are taken seriously. And so we take it ourselves. We decided to change the color of the World’s most recognized sauce and give it to just a “few” thousands of blue fans. We contact with a chef who mixed some ingredients with the best feeling and result was: “Ketxurdin, the first and unique sauce that supports and feel a football club’s color like another fan”.

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