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Marta Mejuto had a physiotherapy clinic in Oviedo, a town in northern Spain. 
She opened her second in Madrid in early 2018.
However, Madrid has many and they all depend almost exclusively on word-of-mouth to promote themselves and she didn't even have a business card.

Give her a relevant little business card design solution that became an outdoor, direct, e-commerce and social campaign.

How? The four most common cuts of Kinesiology plasters (applied to her patients after each treatment) present a range of 4 non-traditional business card designs that took business communication objectives further.

Kinesiology plasters is the base for the design. This tapes are commonly used by every physiotherapist, applying them to their patients after each treatments. They last, at least, for a week on the patient's body and they are quite appealing due to their bright colours.

Using this tapes led us to...

1. Branded and interactive: Each brightly colored Kinesio plaster has both details and a QR code and the clinic details.
2. Applied E-Commerce: When scanned, they linked directly to a booking portal.
3. Moving OOH: Clients wear the tapes for days, wherever they go.
4. Social: A sharable fashion accessory becomes a talking point.

Innovative and impactful new business card for the brand.
New easier and more interactive way for consumer to book a physiotherapy treatment.

In just one month:
Diagnostic and treatment bookings increased +400%.
Clinic Fully booked for 16 weeks post launch.
Thousands of social followers.

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