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Karl Lagerfeld, Giorgio Armani, Carolina Herrera, Alexander and Vera Wang. The most popular fashion icons choose to wear the same style every day and make it a personal trademark. But what about regular people? Should they build their own style uniform or get out of their comfort zone and try new outfits every day? To promote Winter Sales, Baneasa Shopping City, the premium shopping mall in Bucharest, wanted to find an answer to this old fashion dilemma and let the audience decide what they like best, in a one of a kind Instagram fashion experiment.


We conducted an Instagram experiment with real characters. We took more than 742 photos of them in the same angles and locations, showcasing different outfits on sale, in order to create double Instagram accounts for our characters. On the first account, we dressed our characters in a constant manner: similar clothes, similar colours. On the second account, they tried eclectic style combinations every day.

For one month, we counted and compared Instagram reactions. People who experimented with more outfits gained 55% more likes and almost double the number of followers in just one month.
In total, 60.000 Instagram users secretly voted that it's OK to experiment more during Winter Sales. So we turned their choice into the headlines of the campaign all over the city.

We revealed the data resulted in the experiment through an online film on Baneasa Shopping City’s social media accounts, inviting people to come in store and experiment with more outfits during winter sales. Fashion influencers accepted the challenge and recreated the experiment with their audience. National TV fashion show picked up the news and visited the mall to talk about the campaign.


60.000 people voted in the experiment
2.3 fashion enthusiasts reached
Winter sales? Sold.

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Date published: 28 February 2019 2019-02-28T08:36:47+0000


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