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In a world full of amazing ads for amazing products, a low-cost brand that sells straight forward, FMCG products, like ARO, doesn’t a stand a chance. Thousands of benefits, life-changing qualities, overflowing premiumness... Everything we see on TV seems to be divine design.
So how do we sell a regular egg to a regular person?
We play the game to win the game.
And we use our most regular attribute to its full potential. Our price. So much so that it transforms the products in something quite sensational.
We reframed the narrative to tell a simple truth: when you pay that little for ARO products, you actually get Sensational price – quality report.

We played the game.

Because our products are really sensational (for their cost) we took a page straight out of the book of brands like Apple, Prada or Magnum.
Thus, we created 4 TV commercials for our lead SKUs: the ARO egg, flour, chocolate tablet and bucket with production value meant for Sillicon Valley projects
We’ve set our scene: masterful lighting, slow-motion camera, the most clean, premium and beautiful set a bucket could ask for and epicness all around.
Then we rolled.
With a very self-ironic tone of voice we were set on showing our most truthful insight: the triviality of our regular products turns to sensationalism when you take price into consideration.
Every product took center-stage to show its regular qualities via the most epic voice-over.
The flour sticks on the fish before you fry it. The bucket holds water. A lot of water. The egg has yolk. And whites!
Pretty regular. Yet sensational for that low-price.

We won the game.
Reframing the price perception in a disruptive manner, the campaign attracted not just the traders’ attention, but also that of the technology and advertising buffs that appreciated the spoof like commercials. The campaign also created a halo effect for all promotional offers that followed (sales numbers are not available for public).

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