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To mark and celebrate International Women's Day on Dave, I conceived and directed a series of on-air pieces, based on the idea of 'comedy as unique as the comedians who make it'. The brief was to focus on 'genre, not gender', since the insight was female comedians were sick and tired of being asked about 'what's it like to be a woman in comedy?' I interviewed 4 of Britain's most celebrated and diverse comedians, and I art directed a bespoke design and animation style for each comedian, which reflected their style, tone and personality as comedians, rather than focussing on their gender.

The result was 4 unique pieces that let the comedians bring their own individual style of comedy and comedic personality to life.

Animation: Cookie Animation



Genevieve Simms has been a Contributor since 25th November 2015.

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International Women's Day on Dave


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