eve sleep, the European sleep wellness brand, will be giving TV viewers the ultimate throwback, as they remind the nation of a time when TV broadcasting came to an end, prompting bedtime each night.

In a weekly Sunday night post-peak spot on Channel 4, eve sleep is reviving the iconic Test Card F, which, until 1997, signalled the end of programming in a bid to encourage the nation to switch off their mind and bodies and start winding down for bed.

Spanning six executions, the TV ads feature a sassy main character (the young Tallulah Conabeare) as she takes on the role of sleep advisor to the masses, and friend to the iconic eve sleep sloth. Across each of the six spots, the sunny pair share tips to have you nodding off in no time, ranging from turning off sources of blue light to listening to calming soundtracks, to tackling a whole host of sleep issues in a bid to help viewers to unwind. The TV executions extend across a variety of digital channels and are supported by digital out-of-home creative, centred around the moments where the nation should be tucked in for the night.


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