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"Up-and-coming director Kibwe Tavares helms this electric commercial for Guinness Africa Special with nary a pub or bar in sight. Instead, the film is a restless celebration of what it means to get that heart-rate pounding - and it's not afraid to get in your face about it.

This 80" carnival of self-expression blends compelling dance routines, pride in fashion, raw physicality, and bursts of colourful animation into one urgent package. The pace picks you up and challenges you to stay with it. Whenever one of the cast locks eyes with the camera, it's a palpable invitation to join a party beyond what we've ever experienced.

Having trained as an architect, Tavares brings an unusual eye to proceedings. The flowing blend of live-action and animation conveys the message that drinking the brand is about painting the town red, blue, orange, yellow and whatever other colour you wish to throw into the mix.

The ad heightens our interest in the approaches Guinness employs in foreign locales. Their African work paints from a more exuberant, provocative pallet, but still possesses the single-minded attitude which is synonymous with the famous drink. Now to take a breather."

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