Nicola Gastaldi Motion Graphics Designer


In March 2020, the whole world stopped. We locked ourselves in our homes and tried to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.
We had many worries and difficult moments. As parents, we also experienced a new relationship with our children. We feared for their health, not knowing that they were the ones keeping us alive and safe.

Don't be afraid is a film about how we, as parents, we cope with the fear and the worries of the pandemic and how sometimes we can find solace in simple acts of joy coming from the very people we are desperately trying to protect, our children.

Read the full process on gasta[dot]org

• Gasta, 3d animations and 2d animations, direction
• Sophie Lewis, script, voice over
• Pierre Buttin, illustrations
• Nicola Destefanis, 3d characters model, rig and animations
• Rebecca Smith, sound design
• Marcus Grimm, music composer


  • Personal projectClient

Don't Be Afraid