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Above Brand sustainable beer Firm dedicates its organic beers to the beauty of multiculturalism committing each bottle design to a different country's visual culture.

The first beer released is dedicated to Japanese culture.

A contemporary reinterpretation of a Japanese Seigaiha pattern is screen printed with organic colours on to a recycled black glass bottle.

The bottle has a high-end look to represent the sophistication and superior quality of the beer and be in line with the target audience. The black colour also highlights the beer strength.


The target audience is 28/65yrs old trendy lovers of excellent products with a sophisticated taste and consciously orientated towards organic products. Art and design connoisseurs, well travelled.

The bottle had to represent the brand values through materials used and hit the target with a sophisticated look.

As a Creative Director and Graphic Designer, I designed a bottle that could stand out from the crowd regarding look and production techniques as well as visually represent Japan.


I chose to use patterns to represent worlds' cultures and have the freedom of designing many distinctive models maintaining a strong visual connection between each release.

Patterns are not just beautiful but infused with rich culture and history, talking to people's hearts.

Seigaiha its a well-known pattern representing sea waves that bring peace, wealth and abundance. I re-drawn it to give it a contemporary feel.

The Logo Mascot that appears on the back of the bottle represents Above Brand community.

Has a tear dropping on its face as a symbol of compassion, inspired by Hinduist goddess of compassion Tara, who borns with a tear falling from her face. Empathy is essential to accept others and live peacefully in a multicultural society.


I used an O-I’s sustainable black glass bottle, and screen printed it using organic colours. The bottle is also reusable.

The O-I’s eco-friendly black glass bottle is made out of recycled glass and offers protection against light and UV rays.

The bottle is screen printed allowing the pattern to cover the entire cylindrical surface.

The screen printing technique is more eco-friendly than shrink sleeves and uses less recycling processes than paper labels. With a proper recycling system can also be washed and re-used.

The packaging helped to give character to the product; consumers were delighted by a beautiful tactile packaging, felt invited to talk about the brand's value, discover more about beer and mingle.


Above Brand, beer started to be available on the market on February 15th 2018, when Celtic Manor in Wales bought some cases to become the first Bar selling the beer in the UK.

A batch of 6.000 bottles was produced with 3.000 still to be sold and donated to charity organisations. Each bottle cost was £1.90 per bottle including Duty, storage and all expenses related to the production.

The price included importation from Holland, where VandeStreek Brewery brewed them.

Bottles were screen printed in Belgium at Ayano.

The beer was sold to bars at £2.50 per bottle, not including special offers where the price dropped to £1.25. The retail cost to customers was suggested between £6.00 to £8.00 per bottle.

The beer is made with organic ingredients and in small batches to maximise quality control. Are unpasteurised, and unfiltered.

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