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Meet the Tredaire-nauts: Your New Underlay Ambassadors!

Underlay isn’t at the top of your mind until you need it. Interfloor, one of the biggest brands in the business, know this only too well and we were therefore commissioned to design and bring to life a series of animations involving characters called ‘Tredaire-nauts,’ that would stick in the mind of potential cus
tomers. Based on astronauts, the Tredaire-nauts had to be more than just cute; they had to embody the comfort and luxury of Tredaire underlay in a memorable way.

The campaign involved three 30 second animated adverts, inviting consumers to explore the world of Tredaire, which promises to deliver a sensation like nothing on Earth.

The animations were designed to be simple and emotive, using detailed but stylised character models with tactile texturing and materials. Even though the characters are faceless the aim was to make the characters' joyful emotions feel real and palpable.


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